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Your A/C Unit and Your Pets

Posted on June 25th, 2020 by Jupiter Tequesta

Every pet owner knows the struggles of trying to vacuum up all the fur that our four-legged pals leave behind during warmer months. However, did you know that your furry friends do more than clog up your vacuum cleaner? They can lower your HVAC’s efficiency and cause damage to your system in many ways. Not to mention the amount it will reduce your indoor air quality too. Here’s what you should know: 

Fur Frenzy

All that extra fur that isn’t captured by the vacuum has to go somewhere, and most times, it lands in your air filter and air ducts. While the system uses a filter to catch debris and create clean air, if it gets too clogged up, it won’t work efficiently. And trust us, animal fur clogs up some air filters very quickly. If you have a home filled with furry friends, you’ll want to consider upgrading your air filter options. 

Dander Build-Up

There’s a lot that hides on the surface of your pet’s fur, but dander can be the most detrimental to your home’s air. If fur gets caught in your filter, then the dander on top will most likely enter your home and cause anyone who has allergies to feel it right away. It’s essential to change your filter as recommended and keep up with routine vacuuming to ensure your system isn’t experiencing any extra pressure.

High Costs To You

If you keep allowing your filters to get overfilled with animal hair, then that will cause more maintenance issues and less energy efficiency for your HVAC system as a whole. Sufficient to say, it won’t be cheap. All you need to do is keep making sure your filter is changed and clean. Another option is to invest in an air purifier, which can get rid of and manage fur and other debris that comes from pets. 

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