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Why Are My Lights Humming?

Posted on June 15th, 2017 by Jupiter Tequesta

Why do lights hum? What you’re hearing is not music flowing through the wires. Whether it’s an incandescent, fluorescent, or an LED bulb, they’re usually not the ones to blame. The cause of the problem usually stems from the voltage applied.

Why Are My Lights Humming? | Electrician | Tequesta | Jupiter-Tequesta |

First comes incandescent humming…

Incandescents are usually very quiet bulbs, but if you do happen to hear some humming, it’s probably caused by the dimmer. Upgrading your bulbs or changing out your dimmer which can reduce or remove the vibration you hear.

Second is fluorescent buzzing…

Aside from flickering, buzzing is the most common sound homeowners complain about. While this can be caused by a bad bulb, it’s usually due to the ballast (a device used to regulate voltage for a fluorescent lamp). If replacing the lamp itself doesn’t work, try replacing the ballast.

Lastly, there’s LED noise…

LEDs lack a cover, so there are no “moving parts” to cause humming. Yet LEDs still suffer from electromagnetic (EM) humming when they are dimmed incorrectly or are interfered with other devices. LEDs don’t dim the same way as incandescents do. Ensuring you have dimmable light bulbs, and are using the right dimmer will promote the light of your LED and remove that annoying humming sound.


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