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Ways to Prevent Calling a Plumber This Summer

Posted on July 16th, 2020 by Jupiter Tequesta

Summer is meant to spend with your family and friends, not your local plumber. Though not all emergencies can be prevented, several summer plumbing calls can be. 

From sand in your plumbing to water leaks, here are some things to consider looking out for: 

Check For Leaks

A small leak or condensation around your plumbing can not only cause water waste, but it can leave you with costly damage, too. No matter what the time of year is, it’s essential to keep an eye on your plumbing and fix any leaks you can as soon as you spot them. The sooner you do, the better. 

Ensure Your Sprinklers are Prepared

Summer means more traffic in the yard, which can increase your chance of a sprinkler issue. If a broken sprinkler goes unnoticed and is used, further damage can occur. It’s best to check all sprinklers to ensure they are working as intended. The same goes for your outside house faucet. Check to ensure it’s ready for summer usage, and no leaking is occurring. 

Sand in Your Drains

Beach days are here, and though you and your family might spend the weekends soaking up the sun, one thing you’ll want to leave behind at the shore is the sand.

Sure, it makes a mess through your home, but if rinsed off in an older home, the sand can collect and corrode your pipes. For newer plumbing, there is still a chance that the recurrence of sand can leave you with a constant clog. 

Keeping Sand Out Your Home

To prevent tracking sand in, you can use baby powder to remove sand from your body or rinse with a garden hose before entering the house, always leaving your sandy shoes at the door. The more mindful you are of preventing sand from getting into your pipes, the better.

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