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Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Posted on February 25th, 2020 by Jupiter Tequesta

Though your washing machine may seem like it’s pretty self-sufficient, this doesn’t mean that it can withstand all the damage you may inflict on it. There are simple things you can do to prevent your unit from breaking down or needing an expensive repair. If you’re noticing your clothes aren’t coming out as clean as they should, use these tips to give your machine a little TLC.

1. Don’t Overload It

Even though it may seem easier to just throw all your laundry in one load in hopes that it will be done sooner, this is the number one way you can damage your unit. Break up oversized loads into smaller loads, and separate them by type of clothing, such as heavy sweaters, dresses, delicate materials, etc.

2. Use The Right Amount of Detergent

There are different laundry detergents recommended depending on the model of your washing machine. For instance, most energy-efficient models require a low-sudsing detergent. If you use a soap that is not compatible with your model, you could shorten the life of your unit.

3. Check The Hoses

Just as you would check your pipes to ensure there are no leaks, it’s important to check the hoses on your washing machine. Every month or so, give the hoses a check for bulges and cracks and ensure that they are fitting tightly in the socket.

4. Leave the Door Open After a Load

If you notice a musky smell after you open your washer to start a load, you’ll want to leave the door open after the cycle has finished. This gives the machine a chance to air out and remove moisture, rather than being pent up inside the machine.

5. Transfer Clean Laundry to the Dryer ASAP

In addition to causing your clothes to become moldy, you can also cause the same damage to your washing machine. Be sure to move clothes over to your dryer as soon after the wash cycle as you can.

Washing Machine Repairs and Maintenance In Jupiter FL

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