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Utilizing Space in a Small Bathroom

Posted on April 16th, 2020 by Jupiter Tequesta

Does the above image feel all too familiar? For many, a small bathroom can get cramped and crowded quickly. Storage can seem impossible and finding a place for everyone’s toiletries nearly impossible. However, with the right out of the box thinking, even the smallest of bathrooms can have some hidden spaces that many might overlook.

Here’s how to ensure your making the most of your bathroom storage, especially when a remodel isn’t in the budget: 

Create Hidden Storage

A pedestal sink is a beautiful addition to any bathroom, but one perk it offers is the freedom of floor space. Adding a curtain around the base of the sink allows you to hide some essential and standard bathroom items like brushes, soaps, or cleaning products without them being visible. 

Create Space About Your Toilet

From ceiling to floor, there is a ton of unused space many take for granted. Add on some shelves or a shelving system around and above your toilet to provide you with instant storage. Two or three floating shelves can be a modern but productive addition to allow you to store rolled towels, baskets of backup toiletries, or any other bathroom needs you can’t usually fit in the room.

Add Extra Racks

A towel rack is a must in most bathrooms, but what about two or three of them? If you have multiple family members utilizing this bathroom, adding in towel racks up the walls can help provide a place for them without taking up any needed space. 

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