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Understanding Different Types of Landscape Lighting

Posted on January 6th, 2017 by Jupiter Tequesta

There are many steps to follow in order to make your home look beautiful. But, it’s not all about the interior – when was the last time you gave the outside of your home some thought? With landscape lighting you can transform your home and highlight its beauty with the flip of a switch. Want to put your house on a beautiful display for the whole block to see? First, you have to know the landscape lighting basics:

Different Types of Landscape Lighting | West Palm Beach

Lighting types:
Choosing the right lighting is more than just picking the right hardware, you’re also artistically creating a lighting scheme.
Garden– This type of light fixture reflects down into planting beds. It can also be used as pathway markers.
Wash – A wash casts a soft, diffused light for brightening flat facades, fences, and garden walls.
Bullet – These light fixtures are versatile and compact. They project a narrow beam of light – good for lighting house features, trees, and garden structures.
Well – This light is buried inside the ground so you get light without seeing a fixture. Use well lights to illuminate plants or the base of a facade.
Downlight – A downlight is often located high in trees to be aimed downwards at lawns or pathways.
Flood – Due to their bright light, use flood lights sparingly to illuminate tall trees or wide areas.

Lighting designs:
Plot out your ideas to help you decide which fixture style you want and where. Avoid overly bright and dark areas.
Home facade – Focus attention on your home and their most appealing architectural elements.
Standout trees – When illuminating trees, make sure to light up the trunk as well as the foliage.
Backyard – The front of the house isn’t the only place to use landscape lighting. Make your yard a bit more inviting with the help of some lighting.
Garden – Properly illuminate your garden by using light fixtures that beam down on your plants.
Patio – Add extra illumination to your patio by providing a mood-setting glow and a light to grill by.
Are you ready to transform your yard with landscape lighting? You can trust one of the expert electrical technicians at Jupiter-Tequesta to help. Visit our website to learn more about our services or call to schedule a consultation.

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