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Tips for Using LED Lighting

Posted on February 25th, 2016 by Jupiter Tequesta

First we used incandescent bulbs, and then compact fluorescent bulbs were the norm. Today, however, it’s all about the light-emitting diode — commonly known as an LED.

While LED lighting isn’t exactly a new technology, the price has fallen dramatically over the last few years, making it more accessible. LEDs are used more commonly than ever, and for a variety of applications. An LED is small and very, very bright, making it quite helpful for certain types of technology.

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Here are the best uses for LED lighting:

  • Flashlights and holiday lights
  • Any time long-lasting, bright and energy-efficient lighting is needed
  • Replace old incandescent bulbs with LEDs for energy savings
  • Plug reflective-style LEDs into a variety of bases and plug them into a socket
  • Use recessed LEDs for a marriage between a light bulb and a trim kit
  • Connect flush-mount LEDs to existing recessed features
  • Hard-wire flush-mount LEDs to a ceiling-mounted electrical box
  • Install color-changing LED rope lights inside or on the tops of cabinets
  • Control new LEDs wirelessly through your smartphone or tablet
  • Adjust brightness and color as necessary
  • Brighten up kitchen counters with thin LED fixtures that are perfect for under-cabinet installation
  • Use exterior LED lights for landscape lighting over patios, driveways and decks

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