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The Dos and Don’ts of Florida Pool Maintenance

Posted on September 3rd, 2020 by Jupiter Tequesta

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Even though summer is basically over, Florida hasn’t seen it’s last pool days yet. As a general rule, outdoor swimming months range from about April to October, with the cooler months requiring some heating in order to enjoy. However, there are many environmental factors that tie into your pool’s maintenance all year round. Make sure you know the dos and don’ts of pool care here in Florida. 


  • Clean regularly: Although you’re using it less doesn’t mean you should stop cleaning it all together. 
  • Cover it: If you really feel like you won’t get much use out of it these next few months, consider covering it for the rest of the cooler seasons. This will make maintenance easier, since you won’t have to worry about cleaning often. 
  • Get a heater: Temperatures don’t get too low, but sometimes they get low enough to make swimming in that cool pool water hard. Enjoy your time swimming more by investing in a pool heater! 


  • Forget about storms: September and October are still hurricane season months, so make sure you have the proper maintenance tools to ensure your pool isn’t damaged during these storms. This includes covers and water measurers. 
  • Disregard your safety: If you go long periods without using your pool, mold can build up at the bottom because the water has been still for so long. Be careful and make sure you put enough chemicals in and vacuum properly before jumping in! 
  • Overcrowd with chemicals: Keeping the water clean can’t hurt, but excess chemicals can! If there’s too much in the water, it can cause itchiness and pain in your eyes and nose. 

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