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Spooky Homeowner Stories: Is Your HVAC Haunted?

Posted on October 12th, 2017 by Jupiter Tequesta

Is your home haunted? Or is it just your HVAC? We’re here to debunk three of the most common misconceptions your home experiences during this spooky fall season.

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The Creepy Closing Door

Are your doors creaking slowly without anyone around? This is probably due to a fan — not a supernatural being. Pressure imbalances can lead to an “airflow competition.” Sometimes the fan in your HVAC system turning on can cause an interior door to shut.

Haunted Registers

If you’re hearing a scary wailing sound, like those heard in haunted-house movies, don’t be afraid! Those mysterious sounds are coming from your HVACs grilles and registers. As air passes through the vanes, a wailing sound will occur, due to the speed the air is traveling. Performance-grade grilles and registers can reduce noise issues — and your local HVAC tech can help with that.

Hot and Cold Rooms

There are two main reasons why you may experience drastic temperature changes in some of the rooms in your home. HINT: Neither of them have to do with ghosts! Hot and chilly rooms are related to duct losses and room surface temperatures impacted over the course of the day.

We hope you have a spooky, but safe, Halloween! Should your home encounter any problems during this frightful night, don’t sweat it. Call the experts at Jupiter-Tequesta— we’ll come check on your homes HVAC and plumbing systems to make sure everything is working at peak efficiency. With a large service department, we are able to handle your home comfort demands and emergency situations in the same day!

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