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Seasonal Pool Tips

Posted on August 21st, 2020 by Jupiter Tequesta

As summer comes to an end, your pool might start being used less and less. When it comes to maintaining your pool after summer, it’s important to keep in mind how it needs to be taken care of for each season. While, here in Florida, we get very mild winters and can keep our pools open longer, it’s still important to follow some basic maintenance tips moving forward. 

Clean Regularly 

Even if you aren’t using your pool as much after summer ends, it should still be cleaned regularly. This includes skimming over the top and vacuuming as usual. A build-up of debris in your swimming pool can lead to mold growth, dirt, and grime all over. 

Keep Chemicals Balanced

Maintain the proper chemical levels in your pool during fall and winter as you would in the summer. Even if you are using it less, you should still strive to make sure it is safe for the times when you do choose to jump in. 

Monitor Water Levels

Weather can be unpredictable, so it’s important to monitor your pool’s water levels constantly. Your level could become low due to evaporation, or extensive summer rain could lead you to an overflow. Make it a habit to check your water level often.

Cover When Necessary

You aren’t really supposed to leave your pool open all year long. For those long seasons that you don’t plan on swimming in it much, it doesn’t hurt to put a cover over it. Also take into account that peak hurricane season starts in August and ends in October, so a cover can help protect your pool from storm damage. 

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