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Is There Water Running From My AC?

Posted on September 9th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

That Terrible Dripping Sound

There are many pleasant sounds a person can hear in their house, such as a child’s laughter. The sound of dripping water, however, is not one of those pleasant noises, especially when it is coming from the air conditioner. At Jupiter-Tequesta, we understand the stress this sound elicits, especially if you can’t see any signs of water.

The Common Issue

Dripping sounds are often the byproduct of condensation going into the drip pan beneath the AC unit. This process is standard for an air conditioner, as the unit will capture the humidity from the air. This humidity will be liquefied and transferred into the drip pan that is stationed beneath it. Naturally, we understand the average person doesn’t want to hear any wet acoustic noises. Thankfully, there is a DIY solution we can recommend: empty the pan. Most often, this step will fix the problem.

The Advanced Issue

If the noise being heard sounds like running water, then it is likely the draining plan isn’t disposing of the excess condensation properly. Upon spotting physical water leaking from the unit itself, you should seek the help of a professional HVAC technician. A professional will be able to locate the problem and repair it for you. This will fix your AC and the annoying noise you’ve been hearing!

Our Commitment

 At Jupiter-Tequesta, we have professional technicians on standby that can fix any leak or problem that crops up in the home. All it takes is a simple call, and we will dispatch the best in the business to take care of your air conditioner unit. Give us a call; we can service your home and show you why we commit ourselves to nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.

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