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Is My Circuit Breaker Faulty or Broken?

Posted on July 29th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

Close up electrician hand open circuit breaker.selective focus.

You’re cooking dinner after a long, tiring day. You throw something in the microwave while you’re and all of a sudden, something sparks and you’re left in the pitch black. If your power goes out, you can pretty much assume your circuit breaker has blown. But it may be more than a blackout: your breaker could be faulty or broken. Knowing the difference is important. 

Locating Your Circuit Breaker

You’ll need to locate and inspect your circuit breaker. It can usually be found behind a door, in a closet, or outside. Look for a metal door roughly measuring a foot square and set into a wall. If it’s outside, it might be attached to a pole or set away from the house a little bit.

Open the little door. Look at all those switches. How do you know which one is the one you’re looking for? If only some of the lights in the house are out, you can try each switch until the ones that off miraculously go back on. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to do some further investigation.

Replacing a Circuit Breaker

This would be a good time to mark which switch goes with what room and/or appliance. Next time this happens, and it will, you can go right to the breaker with the corresponding room on it.

If you’re still in the dark after flipping all the switches, one or more of the breakers might need to be replaced. Try turning the panel all the way off. There will probably see a double switch that is bigger than the regular ones. That will turn off the electricity in your whole house.

Now turn it back on. If the lights are still not back on, listen for a quiet hum. If you hear humming, it’s time to call an electrician. You should never try to repair your circuit breaker on your own, as it could be potentially dangerous. Leave this work to the professionals!

Don’t stay in the dark. If you need help figuring out if your circuit breaker needs to be repaired or replaced, Jupiter-Tequesta has you covered! We are available to take your call 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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How to Keep Bugs Out of Your AC

Posted on July 26th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

keeping mosquitoes and other bugs away from your air conditioner HVAC in Jupiter Florida

Your air conditioner is nice and cool on the inside of your home, but on the outside, its warm and humid environment can play host to all kinds of unwanted house guests. Insects such as ants, bees, spiders, and mosquitos can work themselves into the tiny crevices of your unit and make it their home. Keeping bugs out is critical to the efficiency of your air conditioner. Here are a few tips to keep these pesky visitors away. 

1. Keep Up on Your Landscaping

If the grass is left too high, the extra moisture surrounding your air conditioner will serve as a welcome mat for mosquito or other insect nests. In addition to smaller insects, longer grass could be an open invite for snakes. This may be enough to frighten you into action!

Get rid of any puddles or large areas of water that may attract wildlife or bugs, and be sure to check after long periods of rain. Additionally, make sure to mow your lawn carefully and pull out any weeds that may provide a hiding spot for animals. You want to eliminate any areas around your yard that critters may be able to get comfortable in. 

2. Properly Install Screens on AC Vents and Ducts

If bugs can make it into your vents or ducts, getting them out of the air conditioner will pose some trouble. Instead, prevent them from entering your unit by using window mesh to cover any vent openings. This will ensure that your air can flow freely without giving an all-access pass to the insects in your area. If you give pests a way in, they’ll be sure to enter. So be sure to keep these areas screened off year-round. 

3. Contact Your HVAC Professional for Maintenance Work

There are certain things that homeowners should call upon the help of a professional to service, and your air conditioner is undoubtedly on that list! Annual maintenance check-ups are the best way to prevent any issues with your AC unit. If you have discovered damage to your unit, or are experiencing a problem with insects coming into your home, make an appointment today. 
At Jupiter-Tequesta, we have over 35 years experience and proudly offer both HVAC repairs and new installations in Jupiter, Florida, and surrounding counties. Contact us today t

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5 Ways to Stay Cool Without AC

Posted on July 22nd, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

man opening his bedroom window to stay cool in summer

One of the worst feelings during summer is being too hot in our own homes. Often when we’re desperate for relief, we run straight to our AC and put it on full blast. Relying solely on your air conditioner during hot summer months not only puts a lot of extra stress on your unit, but it also sends your utility bill through the roof. 

There’s plenty of other ways to buffer your home from the summer sun while also giving your AC a well-deserved rest:

1. Keep Your Blinds Closed

Closing your blinds prevents your home from becoming a miniature greenhouse. By blocking sunlight that may come into your home from bare windows, you’ll notice the temperature in your home drop significantly. 

2. Don’t Close off Unused Rooms

Leaving doors closed all day will prevent cool air from entering these rooms during the hottest parts of the day. When you go to bed to relax at night, your room will feel like a sauna, and your first action will be to blast your AC. Leave your doors open during the day to cool your home.

3. Switch Out Your Bedding

Seasonal bedding allows you to switch your style up, but it also helps keep you cool. We often forget to change our heavy winter comforter out for a lighter throw and thinner sheets. Flannels and fleece are great for insulation against the cold winter months, but cotton is a smart move for the summertime.

4. Crack a Window Open

Temperatures tend to drop drastically at night during the summer. Instead of blasting your air conditioner overnight, try opening the windows and let some night air in. Not only is this a great way to cool your home, but it gives your air conditioners a break from running 24/7. Be sure to close the windows and blinds before things get too hot in the morning!

5. Show your Grill a Little Love

Using your oven or stove will overheat your home and add to heat you’re already feeling. Instead, opt for recipes that favor grilling rather than using an appliance in your home, or put a new twist on one of your favorite meals!

Don’t let your AC get the best of you this summer. At Jupiter-Tequesta, we have over 35 years experience and proudly offer both HVAC repairs and new installations in Jupiter, Florida and surrounding counties. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or simply ask a question. We’re here when you need us the most.

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Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Posted on June 28th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

If you are a homeowner, you should be just as concerned about the air quality in your home as the air outside. According to the EPA, the air inside your home could be potentially more polluted than the air outside. Studies have shown that indoor air can be 10 times more toxic than outdoor air. 

Indoor air can be contaminated with many dangerous chemicals and contaminants, such as: 

  • Mites that live off dust and mold 
  • Formaldehyde venting from synthetic products in your home
  • Volatile organic compounds from household cleaners and fragrances

Tainted air in your home can cause a host of problems, contributing to cancer, asthma and other breathing difficulties. Those who summer from allergies will experience worse symptoms if the air inside the home isn’t clean.

The simple solution is to improve the air quality in your home so that you can breathe easier. Below are the top five ways you can improve the air quality in your home: 

1. Keep Your Home Clean with the Proper Tools

Many allergens fall to the ground and other surfaces in your home. As you walk on your floors or sit on your furniture, dust, dust mites and other allergens get stirred up and recirculate in the air.

Use a vacuum and air purifier with a HEPA filter to take those toxins out of circulation. A HEPA filter forces air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles, and is the most efficient way to make sure your home is truly clean.

2. Turn on the AC or Dehumidifier

Dust mites and mold prefer to breed in humid conditions. By keeping the humidity levels in your home low, you can discourage their reproduction. Your dehumidifier will aid in helping your air conditioners make your home cooler, and will work in tandem to ensure that no harmful particles start to grow in your home.

3. Keep Pollutants Out

Don’t add to the toxins in your air by using toxic cleaners, or smoking cigarettes indoors. Do your best to keep the air clean and fresh. By limiting the amount of pollutants you are purposefully bringing into your home, you can begin to greatly improve your indoor air quality.

4. Air out Your House

Open your windows and doors from time to time to allow fresh air into your home. Not only will this save on your utility bill, but it will give your air conditioner a well-deserved break. If you keep your house shut up all the time, the air can become stale and toxic. An open window can freshen your home quickly. 

5. Talk to an Air Quality Specialist

After you’ve done your part, call an air quality specialist to find solutions to poor indoor air quality. At Jupiter-Tequesta Air Conditioning, we offer Green Safety Ductwork, which can regulate temperatures throughout your home and reduce the potential for mold growth. Plus, we offer a UV Air Sanitizer that can:

  • Destroy bad odors
  • Stop the spread of bacteria and mold
  • Improve the air quality in your home

If you need help improving the air quality in your home, call a professional for a check-up call. At Jupiter-Tequesta Air Conditioning, Plumbing, & Electric, we’re versed in the ins and outs of HVAC, and can help you breathe easier and healthier. Give us a call today at (561) 747-5740 for a tune-up or inspection.

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5 Easy Ways to Save the Most Water In Your Yard

Posted on June 27th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

We all cringe at the sight of a sprinkler system running during a rainstorm, and conserving the amount of water used outside of our home is easier than you may think. Conserving water in your landscape will help to lower your utility bills, while also benefiting the environment. There are plenty of simple changes you can make in your water usage to reap these benefits:

How to Use Less Water In Your Yard

1. Eliminate Leaks

According to the EPA, a single 1/32” diameter leak on a hose, emitter or outdoor faucet can waste more than 6,000 gallons of water in a year. Think of how many leaks you could have all across your yard! Homes with professional landscapers will check for leaks automatically, but if you landscape your own property, you’ll want to do a thorough inspection at least once every other week. 

2. Install a Rain Barrel

We all know that when it rains in Florida, it rains. A rain barrel is an excellent option for the plants in your yard because it’s free of many chemicals that are present in groundwater. In fact, many cities are offering incentives for installing these inexpensive devices. Instead of running your hose to water your garden, you can utilize the rainwater you’ve already collected, for free!

3. Mow Higher

Keeping your grass at the recommended size limit of about 2 inches will help to shade the soil and prevent any excessive evaporation, limiting how much water your lawn will need to stay healthy.

4. Upgrade to a Water-Efficient System

With conservation at the forefront of the general public’s minds, many manufacturers are improving the emitter technology we use outdoors. If your sprinkler heads, rotors, or drip irrigation emitters are more than three to five years old, you may want to look into an upgrade. Ask a professional to test your system and recommend more efficient alternatives.

5. Install an Automatic-Rain-Shut Off Device

An inexpensive choice, an automatic rain shutoff will turn  off your water supply when a specified amount of rainwater has been detected. Not only does it protect your lawn from overwatering, but it also will help reduce your water bill!
For all of your home’s plumbing needs, rely on the area’s premier air conditioning, plumbing and electric resource, Jupiter-Tequesta! Contact us today to schedule your consultation: (561) 747-5740

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Should You Schedule a Drain Cleaning This Summer?

Posted on June 27th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

drain cleaning in summer

When your drains back up, your entire home smells terrible, drain water can cover your floor, and bacteria can make your family sick. The wrong time to have your drains cleaned is when your drain is blocked and no longer works.

The right time to have your drains cleaned by a professional company is during the summer. Here’s why:

Preventative drain cleaning is better than emergency drain cleaning

The change of seasons makes us think about maintenance issues we might have been putting off over the winter. There is no better time than right now to schedule a professional drain cleaning with us.

Warm weather makes wastewater smells extra potent

When people call us for drain cleaning, a common complaint is that their house smells like a sewer. Even a partially clogged drain can fill your home with smells strong enough to make your eyeballs sting. Nobody needs that!

The most common causes of drain blockages seem doubly destructive in the summer

Common causes of drain blockages include:

  • Hair – from showers and tubs
  • Soap – which interacts with minerals in your water to form soap scum
  • Dirt – from your washing machine
  • Food waste – from your kitchen sink
  • Small objects – especially if you have small children
  • Tree roots – which grow quickly during warm weather

Preventative drain cleaning costs less

When your drains are clogged, you panic. It feels like your home is trying to ruin your day. In emergencies, there is often something else that needs to be done: cleaning, fixing broken pipes, even venting the obnoxious odors from your home.

Cleaning your drains before there is an emergency means you are paying for that service. You don’t pay for cleaning, airing out your home, or replacing ruined possessions.Less time spent dealing with backed up drains in your home means more time to enjoy your summer. Contact Jupiter Tequesta A/C, Plumbing & Electric to schedule your preventive summer drain cleaning today!

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Prepping Your Home For Hurricane Season

Posted on June 27th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

It’s officially Hurricane Season: and that means keeping an eye on the weather regularly until November in case of a threat of a storm near your home. Hurricane season is extremely important to Florida residents. The hot and humid climate of Jupiter mixed with our proximity to the water means taking hurricane season with extra caution.

When a hurricane warning is issued, there is no time to waste. But where do you start? You probably already know what needs to be done if you’ve lived in Florida your whole life. However, if you’ve recently relocated and don’t know what to do, you’ve come to the right place. And it’s always great to get a refresher to ensure your family is safe and sound.

Here’s what you need to know about prepping for the hurricane season:

Review Your Evacuation Plans

In case of an emergency, you and your family need to decide on two locations you can go for safety. Consider choosing a person from out of town to set as your emergency contact. Furthermore, make sure to create a list of emergency contacts and put them in a safe place that you can take with you in case you need to leave your home. Be sure to both write them down and put them in your cell phone, so you have a hard copy if your phone dies.

Prepare an Emergency Survival Kit

In the event of a hurricane, you need an emergency survival kit ready to go. Play it safe and plan for at least five days without power, food or water. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. 

In your kit, be sure to include plenty of water, batteries, a flashlight, portable chargers, non perishable food, toilet paper, medications, photo identification, and your insurance policies. Also, don’t forget to include a change of clothes, a blanket and even a whistle. 

Plan What to Do With Pets

No doubt your pet is one of the family. But when it comes to riding out a hurricane or evacuating, you need to prepare for the worst. If possible, relocate your pet to a safe place before the hurricane hits. If there is no time, you need a backup plan. Who will help get your pet to safety? Just like your other family members, you need to put one person in charge of your pet’s safety. 

Prep Windows and Doors

You’ll need to secure your windows and doors in the event of a major storm. If you live closer to the water where wind gusts are strong, this is especially important. Add shutters to the windows and doors so they don’t rip off during the storm. 

Check Your Utilities

Finally, make sure you know where all the shut-off valves are located for your water and gas. In addition, make sure you know where the fuse box is, so you can turn off the power in a hurry. 

While being trapped in the path of hurricane is scary, it is possible to survive unscathed. Be ready for anything and make sure everyone in your family knows what to do in case bad weather hits.

For any questions on what to do with your plumbing, electric, or HVAC units in the event of a hurricane, don’t hesitate to give Jupiter-Tequesta a call. We’re here 24/7 and are ready to help in any way that we can. Give us a call today: (561) 747-5740

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Common Electrical Issues You Need To Fix

Posted on June 27th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

Electricity powers so much in your home, so when a problem arises with your electric, you’ll want a fast solution that doesn’t cause serious disruptions in your daily activities and responsibilities. Beyond keeping your day on track, there are safety reasons for quickly fixing electrical problems.

A fault in your electrical system could, for example, lead to a fire in your home, which could be especially devastating if you’re away from your home for the day.  Knowing how to spot errors in your electrical system and knowing when to call upon the help of a professional is important to the safety of your family and your home.

Blown Fuses

If you are constantly blowing fuses or tripping a breaker, you should have an electrician check out your system. Several different serious problems could lead to the tripped breakers. For example, you may discover that you need new breakers in your house or that the home does not have enough amps to properly feed the system.

Flickering Lights

You might not think that a flickering light is a huge problem, but it can actually indicate a dangerous flaw in your electrical system. Lights that are left to flicker could cause a fire. Of course, the solution may also be as simple as replacing a tired light bulb. But, if after replacing the flickering bulb you still notice the light fixture acting up, or the new bulb is also flickering, it’s time to consider a full repair.

Charred Outlets

When taking a look at your outlets reveals burn marks, you know that you need to call an electrician immediately. Burn marks on your outlet could indicate that a fire occurred somewhere in the walls, and this issue could happen again.

Loose Outlets

If you go to plug in a device and the plug slips out, you might just feel annoyed. However, loose outlets can also pose a dangerous hazard to your home as arcing can occur as the electricity tries to reach the plug. 

What to Do After You Identify a Problem With Your Electric

These and other electrical issues require the expertise of a trained electrician to ensure accurate and safe work. After identifying a problem with your Schedule an appointment with Jupiter-Tequesta to make your home a more functional and safer space.

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How to Fix Your Slow Drains

Posted on June 27th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

A slow draining sink or tub is a common yet pesky problem for a homeowner. It could be a blockage that is affecting one or more of the drains, depending on the source of the problem. When a drain begins to run slowly or backs up, there are some things you can do to fix the problem yourself. 

Steps To Fix A Slow Drain

Here are DIY ideas from our professional team of plumbers at Jupiter-Tequesta. You will need the following household items:

  • table salt
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • tap water
  • plunger
  • drain cleaner

Take 1/2 cup of salt, and pour it in the drain. Then, pour in the same amount of baking soda. After this is poured down, follow this step by pouring a 1/2 cup of vinegar into the drain.

Allow these three items to set in your drain for 15 minutes to about 20 minutes. While you are waiting, bring the tap water to a boil.You may want to use a medium to large saucepan in order to give yourself enough hot water. If you have a tea kettle, you could bring water up to a boil in this as well. Pour the water down the drain continuously for about three minutes.

If needed, this process can be repeated three times for a tough clog. If you feel that your drain is still not unclogging, you may want to try plunging it.

Try to stop your slow drain by placing the plunger directly over the clogged drain. When using a drain cleaner, pour it directly into the drain and let it sit awhile. After about 20 minutes, try pouring hot or boiling water in to flush the drain clean.

Contact a Professional Today

If your drain is not unclogging and other areas of your home are facing a similar issue, you will need to call a professional to take a look at the problem and help clear your plumbing. At Jupiter-Tequesta, we’re available 24/7 for emergencies and are ready to provide you efficient service. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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The Best Home Improvements to Boost Your Home Value

Posted on June 26th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

Home is where the heart is, but as much as we may love our homes, we need to prepare for the possibility of someday needing to move to another location or a bigger house for a growing family. If you’re planning on doing work to your home, or want to raise its value before putting it on the market, there are certain projects that can improve your home’s resale value.

1. The Kitchen Is The Place To Be

For first-time or experienced buyers, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your entire home. It holds a particular interest to younger homeowners, who have dreams of a modern and updated kitchen with newer appliances and clean surfaces. This doesn’t mean you need to tear your kitchen to the studs, but you could add some new appliances, give your cabinets a facelift, and add some new countertops and flooring. You’ll see what a major transformation you can make!

TIP: To get the most of your kitchen renovation, focus on stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops.

2. An Exciting Floor Plan

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, but increasing the efficiency and strategic arrangement of your home’s living space will definitely boost its value. When interested buyers enter a home, they want to be able to picture how they will use the space — is the area off the kitchen their new office? Can they turn a den into another bedroom? Is the basement finished, or is this a major project they will need to take on?

TIP: An open floor plan with flexible living space is of the best ways to add desirable features to your home.

3. Energy Efficiency is Key

Not only will you lower your current costs, but reducing your home’s overall energy costs will prove as a significant selling point in the future. “Energy-­efficient” was second only to “safe community” on the list of attributes that would most influence a purchase decision, according to the National Association of Home Builders

TIP: In addition to being energy-efficient, adding smart technology to your home is a great idea. Certain devices may become obsolete within a few years, but choosing the right technology such as programmable thermostats will continue to make sure your home is a worthy contender on the market.

4. Don’t Doubt the Power of Paint

Before listing your home, you may want to take a look at each room and look for spaces that could use a fresh coat of paint. Consider covering up extremely bright colors for a more neutral look that will be more appealing for a wider range of buyers. You don’t need to paint every surface in your home, but you can focus on high-traffic areas such as bathrooms and your living room.

TIP: Your home should look better on the day of your open house than it ever has before. If the back door has scratch marks from man’s best friend, don’t forget to hit it cover them!

Think of how you felt when you first bought your home, and put yourself in the shoes of someone who will be walking into your home for the first time. You want them to see just as much potential in your home as you did! If you need any help preparing your home for the market, call on Jupiter-Tequesta. From plumbing, heating, and cooling services, we’ll make sure your home looks the best on the block!

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