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Kitchen Safety For Kids

Posted on September 15th, 2017 by Jupiter Tequesta

Do your kids like putting an apron on and making a delicious snack? How about helping out at the stove or licking the batter bowl? While making food is a fun, bonding experience, it also can be dangerous for your little ones. Before they take over your kitchen, here are a few safety tips to help them!

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  1. Before they begin rolling up their sleeves,  tie back long hair and remove any loose clothing that might get in the way.
  2. Have them wash their hands and dry them well — wet hands can be slippery and cause accidents.
  3. Keep a sturdy stool nearby to help them reach the counters or high closet spaces.
  4. Wipe up spills as soon as they occur.
  5. Hold the handle while stirring any pots — this helps prevent the pot from slipping off the burner.
  6. Always pick up the knife at the handle, pointing to the ground. And only use knives when an adult is present!
  7. Keep any electrical cords (phone chargers included) away from the stove top, oven, and sink.
  8. Before leaving the kitchen, check that all appliances are turned off.
  9. Never put water on a burning fire — it could make the fire bigger. Call an adult, and use baking soda or flour instead.
  10. Don’t put cooked food on an unwashed plate or cutting board that once had raw food on it. Always use a clean plate.
  11. Never add water to a pot or pan with oil in it — it could splatter and burn someone.
  12. Keep paper towels, dish towels, and pot holders away from the stove top — they can catch on fire.

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