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It’s Time to Invest in Whole Home Filtration

Posted on July 17th, 2020 by Jupiter Tequesta

Do you notice that your tap water tastes strange? Having to haul salt bags and cases of bottled water into your home weekly to avoid drinking from your tap can be a drag. It’s not only your drinking water that is affected, it’s the water flowing throughout your entire home! It’s about time to invest in whole-home filtration through Pro-Combo, and here are just a few reasons why: 

Keeps Your Water Safe

Chlorine and chemicals can make their way into your tap water, causing the water flowing through your home to be unsafe. This leads to damaged hair and dry skin after showers, and chlorine absorption for fruits and vegetables after washing them. With whole-home filtration, you won’t have to worry about these nasty chemicals entering your water.

Safe For The Environment

Unlike other salt-based softeners, Pro-Combo doesn’t dump brine back into the environment. Old salt technology comes with a lot of work and environmental toll, so Pro-Combo units are made with green technology, encouraged by many states. 

Makes Your Life Easier

You don’t need to lug salt bags anymore or worry about your family’s health. With Pro-Combo whole house filtration, you’ll have better than bottled water available throughout your entire home. There’s a lot of work and guilt that comes with old salt technology, so ask your plumber what Pro-Combo unit is right for you and your home to make your life easier! 

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