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Is My Sewer Line Broken?

Posted on January 17th, 2020 by Jupiter Tequesta

Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

When everything is running smoothly, your sewer system becomes an invisible, undetectable part of your home’s infrastructure. However, when things go wrong, you may be faced with a costly plumbing nightmare. Here are four signs that something may be wrong with your sewer system.

1. Slow or Clogged Drains

If your drains are running slow on a regular basis, or if you are experiencing frequent clogs, you may have a break in your sewer line. Tree roots love moisture, and can quickly work their way through older or compromised pipes.

Roots can create obstructions in your sewer line, which can cause the need for a repair or replacement in extreme situations. The first sign that tree roots have invaded your plumbing is if you are experiencing slow or stopped drains in your home. To be sure, schedule an appointment with your local plumber to get to the root of the problem.

2. Lush Patches of Lawn

This is especially true if the rest of your lawn is dry, or just not as thick and well-watered. Broken sewer lines allow water and nitrogen to get into the surrounding soil. These act to create dense, lush vegetation over and around the break.

3. An Odor of Sewage Gas

Your drains should not smell — period. When everything is operating correctly, gasses from your sewer or septic system cannot get back inside. If you start to notice a stench creeping into or around your home, you most likely have a broken sewer line. And when that’s the case, contact a professional plumber immediately for a repair.

4. Mold or Mildew

When a broken line occurs under your house, you may notice an increase in the growth of mold and mildew in the area. If you suddenly notice a mold problem where there hasn’t been one before, you may have a broken sewage line.

Take Action

If you have noticed any of these signs of a broken sewer pipe in your home, it is best to call a professional. Don’t wait until your system fails or costly repairs accumulate, contact Jupiter-Tequesta today to find out what is causing the symptoms.

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