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HVAC Terms You Should Know

Posted on February 25th, 2020 by Jupiter Tequesta

Understanding your cooling and heating unit is the best way to communicate with your professional technician about any problems with your system. Read more about these terms below before your next service call.

Condenser Coil 

The coils in your HVAC transfer heat to air, and the condenser coil ejects or emits heat from the system. This coil is typically located on your outdoor air conditioning unit, or on your heat pump.


Made from different materials ranging from fiberglass to the most popular galvanized steel, these pipes serve as channels that direct air flow through your home. It’s important to keep these clear and maintained for optimal indoor air quality.

Heat Pump

This system features a compressor that cycles between hot and cold air. They move thermal energy, and remove heat from a warm space from a cold space and transmit it to a colder space or vice-versa.

Packaged Unit

Also known as rooftop units, these outdoor units typically have their own heating and cooling devices.


This substance is used in most AC units and is the liquid responsible for the ‘cooling’ effect.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

This ratio measures the efficiency of your heating and cooling unit and measures the total cooling of your unit versus the amount of energy used. It is equal to the Total Cooling Output Over the Cooling Season / Total Electrical Energy Input Over the Cooling Season

Split System

This style of air conditioning features a zoned system, where you can control the temperature of each area of the home individually. This system does not use ductwork but instead uses small wall mounts in each area.

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