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How Using a Ceiling Fan Can Lower Energy Costs

Posted on March 3rd, 2015 by Jupiter Tequesta

Tired of cranking up the AC every day? Maybe it’s time to invest in a ceiling fan. “Ceiling fans are a useful alternative to help keep you cool while reducing or eliminating the need to use air conditioning,” reports the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Let’s talk about how using a ceiling fan can lower energy costs:

1. It cools people, not rooms

Air conditioners use a lot of energy in order to cool your home. Ceiling fans, on the other hand, do not cool or reduce a room’s humidity. In reality, ceiling fans cool people through a wind-chill effect! When the breeze hits your skin, it makes you feel cooler without actually changing the temperature of the room.

2. It costs less to run


Running a ceiling fan as opposed to an air conditioner will save you money. The Simple Dollar did some calculating:

“…dropping the running time of a central air conditioning unit from 9 hours a day down to 7 hours a day will save you $34 in a single month (using default electricity rates). If you assume that you’ll save that much in the three peak months of summer and perhaps half that much in the two adjoining months, you’re saving about $130 per year. Compare that to the cost of running a 48″ ceiling fan on high 18 hours a day, which will cost you $5.92 at the same rate. Even over five months of use, you’re still looking at $30.”

That’s up to $100 a year you could be saving on energy costs!

3. It helps in the winter, too

Even on rare, chilly Jupiter nights your ceiling fan can help lower energy costs. By reversing the motor, the ceiling fan will create an updraft, forcing heated air by the ceiling downwards.

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