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How To Spruce Up Your Yard This Summer

Posted on May 16th, 2017 by Jupiter Tequesta

Summer is almost here, which means backyard BBQ parties and late-night hangouts are near. If your backyard needs a little pick me up, here are five ways you can spruce up your yard.

How To Spruce Up Your Yard This Summer |  Electrician | Tequesta | Jupiter-Tequesta |

Fire pits. Besides being a source of light, a fire pit or fireplace provides warmth on cool summer evenings. You can buy a portable pit that can move around your yard, or you can invest in a more permanent structure made with brick, stone, or concrete.

Internet connection. As you step outside, you want to have all the comforts of being indoors, that includes being connected to the internet — burying a weatherproof Ethernet cable can help.

Seating and dining areas. Outdoor furniture tend to be oversized because they’re built for lounging and relaxing. Make sure there’s still enough room to move around, and the furniture doesn’t collide with other plants or structures.

Garden accessories. You should base your plants and garden art off of the architecture of your home. But, you can still let your taste and personality shine through — just make sure you don’t add too many garden gnomes or outdoor chandeliers in your yard.

Lighting. With the flip of a switch, landscape lighting can add to the evening beauty of your yard. You can DIY and hang some mason jars or string lights, or you can hire a professional to create the perfect design.

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