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How To Maintain A Happy Home

Posted on February 12th, 2018 by Jupiter Tequesta

Whether you live in a one bedroom apartment in the city or a home on a hill in the suburbs, your space inside is an extension of who you are. It shapes our mood, affects our productivity, and influences our outlook on life. Here are a few simple hacks to gain a more balanced, organized, and clean home.

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Go ‘Green.’

Plants host a list of benefits for you and your home. Not only can they help with decorating your space, but they also provide a natural fragrance, enable you to grow your own produce, and even convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Each plant has a different purpose, so make sure you’re buying the right one for your home.

Get The Lighting Right.

The key to proper lighting in your home is keeping it au naturel. Natural light will boost your mood and make every room feel lighter and brighter. Opt for lamps with a dimmer when you need to use your light fixtures. This will help you create a more relaxed vibe.

Clean As You Go.

The last thing anyone wants to do is clean their whole house. But decluttering and organizing your space has many health benefits, so it should be done. Instead of leaving it all until the last minute, set a timer for three minutes before you leave a room and quickly tidy up. Eventually, it will all get done.

Feng Shui Your Space.

The art of feng shui believes in balancing the home for a more organized and peaceful life. Looking for a few quick and simple ways to get started? Add earth tones to your bathroom, don’t place your desk facing the wall, and steer clear of blocking your bed off from the rest of the room.

Another way to keep your house happy is by making sure your home’s heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical is running smoothly. That’s where the experts at Jupiter-Tequesta come in. We offer fast 24-hour, 7-day emergency service, 365 days of the year!

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