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How To Choose the Right Surge Protector

Posted on June 5th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

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Choosing the right surge protector is key to ensuring that you’ll protect your high-value electronics. An electrical surge is a sudden flow of electricity of high potential to low potential. It moves from one end of the wire to another, and at the other end of the wire, the electrical current is used to power the device.

Surge protectors work by diverting the excess electricity from a sudden surge of power to a grounding wire. The third pin in an outlet is a grounding wire, which is used to divert electric power from an area of low potential to an area of high potential.

Power surges happen whenever heavy demand on the power grid causes a lot of power to be used. Whenever a lot of power is being used at once, the power company is forced to send a lot of power in order to cover that amount of demand.

A few things you should look for:

  • Indicator lights – are designed to let you know that your surge protector is working properly.

  • UL rating – A good surge protector should also be UL-rated, which means the protector is rated by Underwriters Laboratories, which certifies products for functioning properly. You should also ensure that your surge protector is able to serve as a “transient voltage surge suppressor” and not just a power strip.

  • Clamping Voltage – Clamping voltage is the voltage which will trigger surge protection. Aim at a voltage below 400 volts to avoid any electrical concerns.

  • Response Time – Ensure that your surge protector is able to trigger surge protection in a nanosecond or less. A quick response time helps to prevent accidents in your home.

Think it’s time to have your surge protectors updated? We have trained technicians available throughout the Jupiter area ready to give you an honest opinion. Contact Jupiter-Tequesta today to schedule an appointment!

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