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#HolidayTips: How to Prevent Holiday Plumbing Problems

Posted on December 21st, 2016 by Jupiter Tequesta

jupiter plumber | jupiter-tequesta air conditioning, plumbing & electricAre you ready to celebrate with friends and family this weekend? As you get ready to exchange gifts with loved ones and prep your holiday dinner, you’ll also want to keep a few of these home care tips in mind. No one wants to be stuck with a slow draining sink or clogged toilet during a holiday celebration! Here’s how you can prevent problems this weekend.

Prevent Holiday Plumbing Problems:

Watch What You Put Down the Disposal.

Many homeowners don’t realize that there are many food products that shouldn’t be put down the garbage disposal. Pastas, grains, rice, bones, and stringy vegetables can clog your disposal!

Be Mindful of Running Your Dishwasher.

In many homes, the dishwasher is hooked up directly to your garbage disposal. Anything that shouldn’t go down your drains shouldn’t go in your dishwasher, either.

Make Sure Guests Don’t Flush What They Shouldn’t.

Have empty garbage bins in your guest bathroom! You don’t want holiday guests to be tempted to flush what they shouldn’t. Remind them that only waste and toilet paper can get flushed.

Keep Grease Out of Your Drains.

Although grease may look like a liquid, when hard, it will stick to the sides of your plumbing and cause a clog. Instead, dispose of grease in the garbage can and wipe down any pots, pans and plates before washing them in the sink.

If you do run into any holiday plumbing problems, our technicians are here to help you get things back up and running! Give us a call for help with all of your home plumbing and drain cleaning needs.

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