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Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your AC Compressor

Posted on August 28th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

Air conditioner compressor outdoor unit installed outside the house

AC compressors tend to be big and unsightly. Because of this, many people attempt to hide the compressors in unseen areas of their homes. Hiding your air conditioner compressor can damage the unit, and make it run inefficiently. In the end, this will cause your utility bills to increase and may create the need for a hefty repair. Here’s why:

Compressors Require Air Flow

If your AC compressor doesn’t have enough airflow, it won’t be able to function properly. There should be at least five feet of space between your air conditioner and other structures. Leaving enough space will allow the compressor to have the air that it needs for it to work at its optimal level. You shouldn’t try to hide your AC compressor by putting plants around it either. If you put plants near your AC compressor, you also run the risk of the plants growing into the unit. Allowing plants to grow in the compressor will not only limit the airflow but can damage your AC as well.

Your Service Technician Needs To Have Access

Your service technician must be able to access your AC compressor at all times. They will need to perform maintenance regularly, and they may need to make repairs easily. By hiding your AC compressor, you are limiting the technician’s ability to get to it quickly. This can make it difficult for them to perform the repairs you need and can be inconvenient for everyone involved.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t hide your AC compressor. If you have questions about your AC compressor or your HVAC system in general, Give Jupiter-Tequesta a call today. We will inspect your unit and talk to you about any maintenance that needs to be performed. 

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