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How to Use Google Home Hub

Posted on January 13th, 2020 by Jupiter Tequesta

Using Google Home Hub for Temperature Control

Google Home Hub is an incredible piece of technology that puts the controls for all of your smart devices in one place —  your fingertips. It has several functions that are all essential to making your life at home more efficient. Read on to learn how you can incorporate this technology into your home.

How Does Google Home Hub Work?

Google Home Hub is not just a smart speaker with a screen. Once it is set up, the device houses all central controls for your smart devices. This can include your programmable thermostat, your lights, and other appliances.

Rather than having to switch through different apps, you can manage all of your devices from one place. With the screen, you can see how each of your connected devices is functioning. Setup is also a breeze, making this system perfect for a multitude of households.

Setting Up Your Google Home Hub

First, download the Google Home app onto your smartphone. You can refer to this app when you are at work, school, or are simply away from the Hub. Next, you’ll add the devices in your home that have smart capabilities. You’ll be able to add devices that are made to be compatible with Google as well as Chromecast video and audio products.

You can also do this from your smartphone Google Home Hub app by opening the app, choosing “Add”, then “Set up device”, and “New devices”. The technology on your smartphone will prompt the app to begin searching for smart devices.

You can add smart lights in your home and remotely turn them off and on. Your thermostat can be turned up while you’re away and remotely turned on before you return so your inside temperature is already cooled or heated. 

Google Home seamlessly connects with your Nest thermostat to respond to your voice-activated commands. You can even lock and unlock smart locks so you always know your home is secure.

Nest Smart Technology Installation In Jupiter Florida

Jupiter-Tequesta Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric is proud to offer all Nest brand products, including:

  • Nest Learning Thermostats
  • Cameras (both indoor and outdoor)
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Google Home

If you’re interested in installing smart technology in your home, contact one of our locations for more information: 

Tequesta: (561) 747-5740

Broward: (954) 951-5481

Palm Beach: (561) 626-6822

Martin: (772) 546-2822

St. Lucie: (772) 546-2822

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