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Garbage Disposal Best Practices

Posted on January 11th, 2016 by Jupiter Tequesta

If you’ve been using your garbage disposal as a second garbage bin, stop now. Abusing your trusty kitchen appliance will only lead to clogs and hefty plumbing repairs!

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To keep your garbage disposal running smoothly, follow our list of dos and don’ts:

DO use it to throw away citrus peels. It should have problem grinding up small pieces of citrus fruit! Plus, doing so will freshen up your drain’s scent.

DO toss egg shells into your garbage disposal. They actually help clean and sharpen blades.

DO dispose of small amounts of coffee grounds here. However, keep in mind that, in large amounts, coffee grounds can cause backups.

DON’T ever pour grease, oil or fat down the drain — even if you have a garbage disposal. Cooled grease solidifies, making blockages more likely.

DON’T even think about putting starchy and stringy vegetables (i.,e., celery, asparagus and potato)  into your garbage disposal. They’ll just wrap around the blades.

DON’T let pasta down the drain. It will only expand every time it comes into contact with water.

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