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Extending the Life of Your Dishwasher

Posted on August 9th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

Your dishwasher can be a very convenient appliance that not all homes are fortunate to have. However, if your dishwasher breaks down or needs to be replaced, it can quickly turn into a hefty bill. Taking care of your dishwasher can help to extend its life and prevent any unnecessary repairs.

5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Dishwasher

1. Use Alternatives at Least Once a Week

Running your dishwasher every day can place a lot of wear and tear on your dishwasher. There are a few different ways that you can lighten it’s load, literally:

  • Use paper plates. While using them every day is wasteful, using paper plates once a week can give your dishwasher a rest — and you won’t need to spend extra time cleaning up. Think of using paper on the weekends to give yourself and your appliance a much-needed break.
  • Hand wash your dishes. If you only have a small load of dishes, you can wash them by hand. This is a better alternative to either letting the dishes sit for an extra day or wasting water by running a smaller load.

2. Use a Dryer Rack

While the drying cycle on your dishwasher is convenient, it burns through a lot of electricity and significantly shortens the lifespan of your appliance. Instead of using this unnecessary cycle, try catching your dishes before the go into drying. You can take them out and either wipe them off or leave them to dry on a rack on your sink to save yourself some effort.

3. Use Powder, Not Gel

Gel-based detergents typically contain chlorine bleach, which can cause your machine to break down. Use powder-based tablets and pods instead of gel to decrease your chance of damage.

4. Make Sure Your Water is Hot

Many modern dishwashers have different temperatures options. If yours has these options, make sure you’re running your dishwasher on maximum heat. This will take more energy to heat up the water, but cleaning dishes at less than 125 degrees Fahrenheit can lead to detergent residue in your appliance. This build-up will shorten the lifespan of your appliance and cause it to break down more frequently. If you have delicate dishes that require a cooler rinsing, try hand washing them instead.

5. Clean Your Filters

Your dishwasher has a filter, located at the bottom of the machine. These filters catch food and become clogged. Check and clean the filters regularly, at least once per week, to avoid wearing down the lifespan of your appliance. 

Additionally, be sure that your dishes are completely scraped off before they go in the dishwasher for cleaning. Food and grease can cause a clog in not only your filter but your pipes as well. To avoid a major plumbing problem, clean those plates!
If your dishwasher isn’t running properly, you may need to call a plumbing professional in order to restore it to normal. Jupiter-Tequesta is here 24/7 for any plumbing emergencies. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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