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Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Garbage Disposal

Posted on April 6th, 2017 by Jupiter Tequesta

If your kitchen’s equipped with a garbage disposal unit, post-dinner cleanup can be a breeze. You’ll end up saving time, energy, and even money on trash bags. But, when these in-sink disposals stop working, your kitchen sink can soon become dirty, smelly, and clogged. Here are some common garbage disposal mistakes to avoid.

Don't Make These Mistakes With Your Garbage Disposal | Plumbers | Jupiter | Jupiter-Tequesta |

Flushing With Hot Water.

When grinding leftover food in the garbage disposal, use cold water, not hot water. Hot water will melt any greasy waste, which can lead to clogged drain lines and mechanical damage.

Not Cleaning Correctly.

Garbage disposals go through a great deal of abuse over the years. Don’t forget to clean the unit regularly to ensure that it’s functioning properly.

-Mix a pinch of baking soda with one cup of white vinegar to freshen and clean.
-Grind up ice cubes to help remove pieces of food caught inside the disposal.
-Throw in lemon slices to help deodorize your drain and keep it smelling fresh!

Tip: Never use bleach or harsh drain cleaners.

Throwing The Wrong Things Down The Drain.

Don’t treat your drains like a garbage can – you can cause messy problems for your plumbing system and your sewer treatment facilities. Here are a few items that are NOT meant to go down the drain.

-Grease, fats, or oils from cooking
-Paper towels
-Meat, poultry, and fish bones
-Rubber bands
-Coffee grounds

When your garbage disposal is jammed, clogged, or leaking, it’s always an unexpected inconvenience. That’s where the professionals at Jupiter-Tequesta come in. We can clean your drains no matter how dirty they are.

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