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Does My Dishwasher Need a Vent?

Posted on January 30th, 2020 by Jupiter Tequesta

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Let Your Dishwasher Breathe: Three Vent Solutions You Should Know

Tired of dishes coming out of the wash cycle dirty? Getting rid of your dishwashing machine may not be the best solution. One common problem that can cause dirty water to be siphoned back into your dishwater racks is a faulty ventilation system.

 In this case, you need to know and understand the venting requirements as dictated by your local jurisdiction as they may vary from area to area. Keep reading to learn how you can add a vent to your appliance.

Dishwasher Venting Options

Because of the way your dishwasher is connecting to your plumbing system, the easiest way to prevent dirty water from contaminating your dishes is by creating some opening for the drain hose. This can be done in several ways:

  • Air Gap Connection
  • Dishwasher to Drain
  • High Loop Connection

High Loop Method

The high loop method establishes ventilation by looping the drain line as high as possible. If your dishwasher needs a drain line installed, be sure always to contact a licensed plumber to get the job done.

Dishwasher to Drain

Another method available in some areas is connecting your dishwasher to the drain. How you do this depends on whether or not you have a garbage disposal installed under your sink.

Air Gap Connection

An air gap is a small fitting that is installed in the countertop or sink. This opens up the drain hose to fresh air in case of a backup.

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