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Dishwasher Dos and Don’ts

Posted on November 24th, 2015 by Jupiter Tequesta

Using your dishwasher wrong wastes money, electricity and water. So before you load up your trusty kitchen appliance with your next batch of dirty dishes, read our guide of dos and don’ts!

Dishwasher after cleaning process.

DO fill it up. Make sure your dishwasher is fully-loaded before pressing the on button. Otherwise, you waste a ton of water and energy. If your dishwasher isn’t completely filled at the end of the day, wait until tomorrow to run it!

DON’T block the spray with bulky pots and pans. Doing so will prevent the water and detergent from reaching your other dirty items. Instead, place large items at the sides and back of your dishwasher.

DO give your dishes a good rinse. Today’s dishwasher’s are more powerful than ever. Still, if you want your dishes to really sparkle (and who doesn’t?), rinse them under the faucet first.

DON’T place fragile items on the bottom rack. Items that may easily break — like glassware and China — should be either washed by hand or, if dishwasher safe, arranged on the top rack.

DO follow detergent instructions. Not every soap works the same! Measure out the right amount of cleaning product to avoid a big, bubbly mess.

DON’T overcrowd. This will only make chips and cracks more likely. Plus, crowding dishes together could prevent some from getting enough exposure to the spray.

If you’re following these rules religiously and your dishes still aren’t getting clean, you may be in need of repair or replacement. Our fully licensed and insured plumbers can help! Give Jupiter-Tequesta Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric a call today:

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