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Deep Cleaning Tips for Better IAQ

Posted on April 17th, 2020 by Jupiter Tequesta

When it comes to cleaning your home, you should always consider an efficient plan that allows you to clean smarter, not harder. Not to mention, with spring here, it’s essential to keep your air quality in mind, too. Though you should change your air filters often and keep an eye on your air ducts, there are a few minor but significant habits that can save you energy and maximize your cleaning time: 

Start From Top to Bottom

When it comes to dusting and cleaning, always start from top to bottom. Otherwise, you’ll be dirtying up the area you just spent time cleaning. Dust your ceilings, fans, and top moldings first and slowly work your way down. Don’t forget your blinds, curtains, and cabinets too. Dust can linger in crevices, so take some time to clean each nook and cranny. 

Consider Deep Cleaning Rugs

Whether you have wall to wall carpeting a few throw rugs throughout your home, these additions can hold on to pet dander, dust, and a variety of home debris that can lower your air quality, and increase allergens and asthma symptoms, too. So vacuum often, and consider doing a carpet shampoo cleaning, also. 

Clean Behind Your Appliances

While your cleaning, consider cleaning behind your appliances and under furniture too. Lift your couch and significant furniture pieces to vacuum and dust. Vacuum and clean your refrigerator coils as dust can start to build upon them. A cleaning can prevent a breakdown and decrease energy usage, too. 

Schedule Maintenance 

Don’t forget to schedule your routine HVAC tune-ups, change your air filters, and look for any issues with appliances and systems as you clean too. If a problem does occur, we are here to help. 

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