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Common Landscape Lighting Problems

Posted on February 22nd, 2017 by Jupiter Tequesta

When your landscape lighting is in full swing, your home has a warm inviting glow. But sometimes, these lights can go out and leave your yard looking unbalanced and shabby. Here are few troubleshooting techniques to help with the most common outdoor lighting problems.

Common Landscape Lighting Problems | Electrician | West Palm Beach | Jupiter-Tequesta |

Hard-Wired Lights
Common problems with these outdoor lights include pinched wires near the fixture or loose bulbs. Turn your circuit breaker off at the main electrical panel to prevent electrocution and evaluate each wire, bulb, and fixture. Once you’ve checked the entire system, turn the circuit breaker back on to verify that the lights are working properly.

Solar Lights
Solar lights use a sensitive sensor to determine night from day. Installing the fixture near a hard-wired light may prevent illumination during the right times. Check the fixture location and battery connection. You may have to reposition the fixture in a dark area or replace the sensor component.

Low-Voltage Lights
These lights are not high voltage so they don’t need to be buried deep in the yard. However, this means that they tend to get damaged by landscaping tools like lawnmowers. If you can’t get your landscape lights to operate, check the wiring hidden in the soil.

LED Lights
LED bulbs (light emitting diode) work in both hard-wired and solar light systems. Good-quality bulbs last for years without dimming or color issues. However, low-quality bulbs decline quickly when they’re used for outdoor fixtures. If you have issues with light color or flickering, replace the bulb – the system should still be working just fine.

If you have any questions about your landscape lighting or if you run into any problems, give Jupiter-Tequesta a call! Our professional technicians will ensure that your lighting is installed safely for you and your family.

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