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Common Electrical Issues You Need To Fix

Posted on June 27th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

Electricity powers so much in your home, so when a problem arises with your electric, you’ll want a fast solution that doesn’t cause serious disruptions in your daily activities and responsibilities. Beyond keeping your day on track, there are safety reasons for quickly fixing electrical problems.

A fault in your electrical system could, for example, lead to a fire in your home, which could be especially devastating if you’re away from your home for the day.  Knowing how to spot errors in your electrical system and knowing when to call upon the help of a professional is important to the safety of your family and your home.

Blown Fuses

If you are constantly blowing fuses or tripping a breaker, you should have an electrician check out your system. Several different serious problems could lead to the tripped breakers. For example, you may discover that you need new breakers in your house or that the home does not have enough amps to properly feed the system.

Flickering Lights

You might not think that a flickering light is a huge problem, but it can actually indicate a dangerous flaw in your electrical system. Lights that are left to flicker could cause a fire. Of course, the solution may also be as simple as replacing a tired light bulb. But, if after replacing the flickering bulb you still notice the light fixture acting up, or the new bulb is also flickering, it’s time to consider a full repair.

Charred Outlets

When taking a look at your outlets reveals burn marks, you know that you need to call an electrician immediately. Burn marks on your outlet could indicate that a fire occurred somewhere in the walls, and this issue could happen again.

Loose Outlets

If you go to plug in a device and the plug slips out, you might just feel annoyed. However, loose outlets can also pose a dangerous hazard to your home as arcing can occur as the electricity tries to reach the plug. 

What to Do After You Identify a Problem With Your Electric

These and other electrical issues require the expertise of a trained electrician to ensure accurate and safe work. After identifying a problem with your Schedule an appointment with Jupiter-Tequesta to make your home a more functional and safer space.

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