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Clean Dishes are Easy With These Tips

Posted on May 18th, 2020 by Jupiter Tequesta

a dishwasher with a few clean dishes loaded in it.

A sink full of dishes can sure be a sore sight, but that’s where the trusty dishwasher comes in. Though this appliance might be the real MVP of your kitchen as of late, are you using it to the best of your abilities? 

Are you finding that your dishes are still coming out not as clean as you would have hoped? Here are some common issues to consider: 

You’re Cleaning Them Beforehand 

Are you guilty of doing a full deep clean of your dishes before loading your dishwasher? Though this might seem like a necessity, the truth is, most modern-day dishwashers work better when your dishes aren’t squeaky clean. How come? 

Well, many energy-efficient models have a sensor that cleans based on how dirty your dishwasher load is. The cleaner the plates, the less it will work to clean them. So save the extra cleaning and scrape off any big pieces before placing it on the rack. 

You Haven’t Used a Rinsing Aid

You might think of it as an extra expense, but if you notice that your plates and glasses are still coming out spotted and dull, a rinsing aid can help. Hard water is the common cause of the issue, and a rinsing aid is often the solution. 

You’re Ignoring Your Hard Water Problems

While a rinsing aid can help, if your hard water spots have gone beyond your dishes and on your plumbing fixtures and more, it’s time to consider fixing your water quality. Hard water can not only make cleaning a bit more complicated; it reduces your water quality and shortens the lifespan of your appliances. 

Whole Home Filtration Systems 

If you want to preserve your water-using appliances and have healthier skin while saving money on soaps and detergents, a whole house water filtration system may be for you. To learn more about water softeners, give us a call today.

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