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Bad Cleaning Habits You Need To Break

Posted on February 19th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

No matter where we fall on the cleanliness scale, any of us can have bad habits. Let’s go over some common unsanitary habits that are easily changed.

Delaying Cleaning

The big bad habit in cleaning is not to do it. Oh, we mean to. Cleaning is a common thing we avoid—unfortunately, it’s a problem that only increases day by day.

It’s also an easy form of procrastination to solve: just reverse the process, and clean a little each day. By the time our house is in order, we’ll have a new good habit too.

Leaving Behind Bunched-up Shower Curtains and Wet Towels

One simple habit is to pick up wet towels after a shower and close the curtains. Mildew doesn’t grow on dry surfaces, so with this second habit, we can avoid most of the problem.

Prevention is a big part of avoiding bigger messes down the road. This simple shower habit helps us see that time-saving relationship.

Cleaning the Bathroom with One Wipe

Another quick heads-up about cleaning is to remember to change the disinfectant cleaning wipe when cleaning the bathroom. It seems smart to start with the sink area and proceed to the bath and finally the toilet, but wipes lose their effectiveness before the task is done.

Remember to use additional wipes as they dry out, or use a clean cloth with a suitable disinfectant.

Wearing Shoes in the House

This cleanliness habit is a bit harder, especially if we have to change other people. To help us convince them, here are reasons to remove shoes when entering a home.

  • Showing respect for others and our surroundings
  • Reducing grime and bacteria
  • Minimizing filth entering our home
  • Avoiding damaged floors
  • Promoting natural foot health

Another bad habit? Not scheduling an HVAC service! Contact Jupiter-Tequesta today to help keep your indoor air quality clean.

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