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Are Dryer Vent Outlet Boxes Necessary?

Posted on January 22nd, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

In the laundry room where your clothes dryer is located, installing a dryer vent outlet box has numerous advantages that make operating your dryer not only safer but also more energy efficient. The technicians at Jupiter-Tequesta offer the following tips about using a dryer vent outlet box in your laundry room:

Space Saving Advantage

Because a dryer vent outlet box is recessed into an existing wall, your dryer can be situated flush against the wall, saving you almost 12 inches of space. This is very advantageous if your existing laundry room space is very compact. This type of dryer vent also doesn’t need external piping, which reduces the risk of fire because lint has no place to accumulate. This also creates more free-flowing air during the drying process, meaning you’ll enjoy energy savings every time you dry your clothes.

When Outside Wall Access Isn’t Possible

A dryer box constructed of heavy duty plastic or metal allows for the collection of lint and moisture from the dryer into the box instead of being sprayed into the room, causing potential mold and mildew issues. As a smart alternative to the ventless dryer, the dryer vent outlet box can be carefully monitored and cleaned regularly. It is an ideal venting solution for rooms with no outside wall access such as apartments.

Insist on Proper Installation

For your household to get the most benefits from installing a dryer vent outlet box, the unit must be properly installed and cleaned regularly. For peace of mind, why not let the professionals at Jupiter-Tequesta handle the installation and answer all of your questions regarding proper usage. We are happy to provide excellent customer service to residential accounts throughout Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties.

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