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5 New Shower Ideas

Posted on August 18th, 2020 by Jupiter Tequesta

Sometimes, your shower needs that perfect update in order to tie the rest of your bathroom together. Gone are standard looking showers and in are the trendy, beautiful ones. If you haven’t had an update to your restroom in quite some time, here are some new shower ideas to consider: 

1. Open-Concept Showers

These types of showers are made to make you feel less claustrophobic and more relaxed. It’s glass doors and walls allow for a feeling of more room, while also not taking up too much square feet in your bathroom. It’s a nice twist on a classic look. 

2. Barrier-Free Showers 

Get rid of your shower door and connect the floors subtly with a barrier-free shower. This way, the transition is not only smooth, but also aesthetically pleasing. Of course, the rest of the shower will be separated by glass walls to keep the water in. 

3. Add A Shower Seat

For comfort and convenience, a shower seat can make all the difference. Adding a shower seat can also get rid of your need for a bathtub, making for more room in your restroom. It can be utilized for holding shampoos and body washes, or used to make shaving ten times easier!

4. Install Multiple Showerheads

Why go to the spa when you can bring the spa to you! Multiple showerheads can help imitate a spa-like atmosphere, with different settings and heights. Get a rainfall showerhead to sit directly above your shower for a relaxing, rainy wash. 

5. Add a Pop of Color

Get creative with your tiles or flooring and add some fun colors to your shower. Color and texture can bring a lot to your bathroom. From energetic colors such as yellow or red, or relaxing ones such as blue or green, you can add your own personality to everything. 

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