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5 Common Household Problems That Require A Professional Electrician

Posted on July 20th, 2018 by Jupiter Tequesta

It’s hard to imagine how much electricity we use in our daily lives. But sometimes, we may not even go an hour without its absence. From turning on our lights and using the coffee machine in the morning to texting on our cell phones and watching a movie at night. It’s safe to say that we would be lost without electricity, so be sure to call a professional if any of these common problems occur for you.

5 Common Household Problems That Require A Professional Electrician5 Common Household Problems That Require A Professional Electrician | Electrician | Jupiter | Jupiter-Tequsta

1. Flickering Lights

First, try to change the bulbs — this may just be a quick fix. If they still continue to flicker, it may be poor wiring or a faulty fixture, which a professional should attend to immediately.

2. Expensive Electrical Bills

First and foremost: make sure you always turn off the lights when you leave a room, and never keep unused appliances plugged in. If your bills are still high, it may be from older appliances or poor insulation. An electrician can help you assess the issue and make any repairs necessary.

3. Exposed Wires.

This often occurs after a home DIY project. It may seem unimportant, but it can be a huge fire hazard for your home. Call an electrician to tidy them up just in case!

4. Too Many Cables.

If your extension cord is chock full of cables, not only is this inconvenient and unsightly, it’s also dangerous. You could trip one of the cables which can cause a chain reaction. An electrician can update your outlet to fit all of the appliances you need.

5. Strange Smells.

Stop using any appliance or outlet that has an unusual smell — this is a sign to repair or replace the outlet before the chance of a fire.

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