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3 Things We Wouldn’t Have Without Air Conditioning

Posted on October 28th, 2015 by Jupiter Tequesta

Here in Florida, we already know that life would be miserable without air conditioning. Most of us can’t even fathom working, playing or sleeping in our area’s notorious hot and humid temperatures. Here are three more things we wouldn’t have without air conditioning:

1. Summer blockbusters

People at the cinema

Movie goers in the 1920s were among the first people to experience air conditioning. That’s because hot summer air and crowded audiences made for an unpleasant movie-watching experience. It wasn’t long before Willis Carrier convinced Paramount Pictures Corporation to install air conditioning in New York City’s Rivoli Theater. Since then, people have flocked to movie theaters for summer blockbusters and an escape from the heat.

2. Advances in medicine

In the 1830s, Florida’s very own Dr. John Gorrie studied the effect of climate on human health — specifically in relation to the high incidence of yellow fever in the South versus the Northeast, where temperatures vary greatly. He patented an early air conditioning system that involved forcing air through a bucket of ice in 1851. Air conditioning has since come a long way, as have advances in medicine like defeating malaria, reducing incidence of child deaths and increasing life expectancy.

3. Industrial and technological progress

Film and medicine aren’t the only industries that benefited from the development of air conditioning. We might not have computers, data centers and other temperature-sensitive systems without the ability to maintain a cool and safe temperature. Other areas influenced by air conditioning and cooling include food service, pharmaceutical and chemical engineering.

Air conditioning has become essential to everyday life — here in West Palm Beach and across the world. If your home’s cooling system isn’t performing up to par, contact the experts of Jupiter-Tequesta Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electric today:

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