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2019 DIY Resolutions for Your Home

Posted on January 4th, 2019 by Jupiter Tequesta

If you’re like the average Florida homeowner, you have some definite renovation plans for the coming year. Before you roll up your sleeves, it’s important to set goals for yourself. Here are a few DIY renovation resolutions worth keeping in 2019.

Don’t Spend Beyond Your Means

You needn’t take out a second mortgage to finish up a home improvement project if you budget the job correctly. Save up for a renovation before you break out the tools to avoid interest on loans.

Use Reclaimed Materials Whenever Possible

Recycling old materials and furniture boasts a few benefits. For one thing, you’ll keep a lot of construction waste out of the landfill. What’s more, reclaimed wood and stone add character to any home.

Focus on Reducing Energy Consumption

Upgrading wasteful appliances and lighting fixtures is a great investment no matter how you slice it. Modern, hyper-efficient electrical hardware will save you money while decreasing your carbon footprint and boosting a home’s interior aesthetic appeal.

Emphasize Efficient Space Utilization

Any upgrade that allows you to get more utility from your home’s square footage is well worth the effort. Built-in storage hardware installed in hallways and closets will increase property values and improve quality of life.

Master a New Home Improvement Skill

Doing your own work when it comes to home renovations is both frugal and satisfying. If you learn a new skill like hanging drywall or refinishing wood flooring, it will serve you well for decades to come.

How to Achieve the Best Renovation Results

For the best home improvement outcomes, it’s important to avoid DIY upgrades if you don’t possess the know-how to execute them properly. Always hire a professional to do the dirty work if you’re not 100% confident in your DIY skills.

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