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UV Air Sanitizing

UV Air Sanitizing | Indoor Air Quality | Jupiter-Tequesta

The moist environment inside of your air handling system can be the perfect breeding ground for many dangerous molds and micro-organisms. Mold growth can significantly impact your air conditioning systems performance and decrease energy efficiency. Excessive mold growth can spread throughout your system and end up in your living environment

At Jupiter Tequesta Air Conditioning and Heat, we utilize UVC Light systems combined with PHI Technology to combat mold growth within your air handling system. Help prevent the buildup of dangerous mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses, from inside your air handling system that can cause:

  • Bad Odors!
  • Spread of Dangerous Bacteria and Mold!
  • Dirty Sock Syndrome!
  • Biological Contamination!
  • Air Conditioner Blockage and Damage!
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